AOMCI Website Utilization

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AOMCI Website Utilization

Postby admin » Sat Sep 12, 2015 11:34 am

Purpose of this communication is to provide an Assistance guide to the AOMCI Website

The site needs more utilization by members. It is a valuable source of information and a place to buy, sell motors and parts

Yes, the site has had it's problems this year. Fortunately we have had dedicated Webmasters that have kept the site open and functioning. The future will provide improvements and revamping. That will take time and money . Be patient.

Start with the AOMCI Home page. All subjects listed in the left margin can be viewed without a user name and password. The Inner Sanctum does require a user name and password of it's own. Your old password may not work and may need to be reestablished, contact the Webmaster to get this set up. Once in the Inner Sanctum you will have full access to it.

You will note that Ask a Member and Free Classifieds are in an all new Forum called the Blue Boards currently. These categories are avaliable to the general public to view only. In order to reply to a post you must register free of charge. In order to get access to the Member Board after you have registered you need to pm the Admin of the site with your information that you are a current AOMCI member once complete you will be granted access to the complete forum which for Members consists of all public forums and member sections that currently have Dockside Chat, Technical Discussion, Leads for Motors, Members Classifieds and many more.

One more step to insure credibility on the boards. Follow the Webmaster notes at the top of the Ask A Member page under comments. Verify your club membership with the Admin. Your user name will be red in color to identify you as a club member.

The new board format provides for the use of Private Messaging. (PM)

In Summary:
1. Access the Inter Sanctum requires a user name and password of its own.
2. Access to the Member Board requires a user name and password of its own.
3. These user name and passwords can be the same for both if avaliable but need to be submitted to each board seperatly.
4. Blue Boards once registered provide the Admin with your member status of AOMCI to gain status of the full boards
5. Any question, problems with the website contact the Webmaster
6. Do not let the website intimidate you. Utilize all of your AOMCI member benefits
7. Blue board registration spam answer The Antique Outboarder

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