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Re: Powerhead Advice

Postby Chris_P » Fri May 08, 2015 5:46 pm


The no pumping scenario was as Weedless stated, a faulty fuel bulb. I never would have thunk it. First time using that tank this season, but would have bet money there was a motor issue. Put a new bulb/line on, and away she went.

Once I could get it to run, I trouble shot the real bad lean sneeze to a welch plug that hadn't been seated. I didn't change them during the carb clean/rebuild. Noticed they hadn't been punched, so seated them, added some sealer, and could get the idle to smooth out.

Still required about 3 turns out from seated on the low speed needle, but at least she runs well now.

I can put the impeller in tonight and let him go fishing this weekend.

Cheers to all.

I thought I was resealing the crankcase for sure.

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