Motors for Sale / Wanted in SE Massachusetts

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Motors for Sale / Wanted in SE Massachusetts

Postby Tom Manley » Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:21 am

Email manleyt at or PM me (Tom Manley) on the AOMCI Blue Board for more details or to request photos. (I will need an email address to send photos.) Or call 508 - three three nine -3546 6:30 to 9:00 pm Eastern time.

Wanted: I would like to own:
• A nice original ’28 Elto Speedster, plating not a deal breaker, but good tank and no pitting that can’t be sanded out by hand
• A complete and decent 4265, 4334, or 4407 Evinrude Ranger 1.1 hp, something I can make run for a friend with a canoe and little kids, must have the starter intact
• Small Caille twins (Pennant with exposed foot, Master 20, Neptune versions, Model 30), or Motorgo Junior complete project motors preferred
• Caille Class A twin Models 129 and 144, (I know, these aren’t common motors)
• Lockwood Ash or Caille battery ignition RBM project motor, complete, not stuck

If you have any of these motors available, please contact me with price and whether there is a potential to trade (full or partial) for motors listed below. I will travel in New England for the motors I want.

Kindly note: I do not ship motors under any circumstances, nor do I expect anyone to ship motors to me. Motors available can be picked up in Mansfield, MA, or I can bring some to the engine show at Mystic (August), the Shelton, CT meet (September), or the Madbury meet in NH (November). If you can find someone to pick up a motor and bring it to you, I will work with them if the motor is paid for. $2300 for all of them and you’ll have a pretty decent instant collection, but you’ll have to be the major player in moving them.

For Sale or Trade: I have the following motors available for sale or trade:

1923 Evinrude Sportwin Model N 2.5 hp, very early model, sn 4740, runs, complete, correct parts for 1923, repro cast carb cover and retainer clip. No tiller grip. Rods have been honed and fitted, new cotter pins in the wrist pins, and new rings. Mag is fine. This is the motor with the reversing lower unit, which is adjusted and works. Note that sometime in 1923 Evinrude went from a brass tank to an aluminum tank for the non-saltwater motors. This motor has an aluminum tank. SOLD

1925 Johnson AB, runs, nice tank, brass lower unit and prop. Rods have been honed and fitted, top rings replaced. No tiller grip. There is a chip at the top rear of the tower housing that clamps around the top of the leg. The mounting flanges of the carburetor were broken and have been replaced with a very nicely machined replacement part, not obvious without close inspection. Price reflects flaws. SOLD

1927 Evinrude Sportwin Model N 2.5 hp, all correct for ’27 except for a later replacement Tillotson carb that is not flaking apart, (this one is supposed to have a Tillotson MS-3 carb, but an intact MS-3 is nearly impossible to find), no key in transom lock. Rubber tiller grip. Running condition unknown, I will investigate if you’re interested. $145

1928 Johnson P-40, apart, complete, with extras. Powerhead is assembled and compression feels great. Write or call for details. SOLD 

1929 Johnson K-45, runs, complete with exhaust relief mechanism, compression release mechanism, and underwater exhaust, nice tank with lots of original decal. Rods reamed and refitted. Port water return tube has a cracked nut. A spare nut is supplied but new aluminum tubing will be needed for a correct repair. Fitting does not currently leak. Should be run in before pushing it. SOLD

1931 Evinrude Foldlight 2.75 hp, runs well, nice tank, have decal but not installed. Everything is intact on this extremely fragile motor. This is the magneto ignition (Evinrude) version, not the Elto or Lockwood version. $275

1931 Evinrude Folding Lightweight 4 hp, brass prop, complete, runs. Tank not great, but not smashed. This one has a Ruddertwin style flywheel with a starting knob. Coil has been rebuilt. SOLD

1931 Evinrude / Elto 401 4 hp, battery ignition, runs well, have brass prop to go with it, tank is a little rough. SOLD

1935 Johnson Model 300 3.7 hp, very nice with original faceplate, runs, has a welded port transom bracket (the same part is used on three other motors of the same year). This is a very unique motor in that it is the last of the opposed twins, but has a rotary valve and the carburetor is the precursor to the one used on the AT and TD series motors. Nice tank with some original decal. $200

1937 Neptune single 2 hp, OB11, early single with square kidney tank, not the teardrop shape. Tank dents filled and tank painted red, no decal. Motor runs and is complete. ID plate may be incorrect. Brass exhaust tube has no dents. Twist throttle works. $125

1938 Bendix SM single, complete, intact, runs well. This is the “flip top” model, not the one with the rope sheave sticking out the top. Nice quiet air cooled motor, never worry about an impeller. Skeg is fine. SOLD

1947 Evinrude Sportsman 4416 2 hp, weedless, complete, simplex starter, runs well. These run real nice, perfect for learning how to run a motor, and it won’t shake apart a small wooden rowboat. Simple and durable. $80

1947 Evinrude Sportwin 4371 3.3 hp, complete, simplex starter, runs well. Heavy motor for the horsepower, but pretty much bulletproof if you use enough oil. These have the rubber balls in the tiller mount. $95

1947 Evinrude Sportwin 4371 3.3 hp, complete, simplex starter, tank painted wrong color, runs well. Same as previous motor listed, except for the tank. $85

1950 Scott 401 4 hp, runs perfectly, pumps well. This is a “1-14”, the one with the three black knobs in front, and a F-N-R shift. I have NOS buttons for the three knobs. Steel tank does not leak. I once posted a video of this one running, it idles VERY slowly. Easy to get parts. $125

1959 Wizard MLM6910A 10 hp with 12 hp A3FB powerhead under the fiberglass cowl. Runs very well, pumps, have bailer, no tank with it but I have a fitting with an adapter to later OMC fitting. Motor is basically the same as a Scott 138A, but with a much sexier cowl. This is a “straight leg” Scott, with the impellers below the water line, where they should be, not the one with the high impellers that burn out so quickly. One bad “10 hp” metallic decal on the cowl, but the cast “Wizard” emblems are fine. Transom bracket is NOT cracked, like most of them are from using the tiller to tilt the motor. $145

Parts and such:

I have several Model N Sportwin parts available. Carbs are limited, no props, no coils, no good cylinders, no really nice tanks, no mufflers. I can hone and fit your rods to your crank, or build up a set if you need them. I can rebuild your powerhead if cylinders are good. I also have several cylinders, old and new style, with wrist pin grooves, if needed for a static display. I can assist with setting up the reversible lower unit and many other facets of these motors.

Long shaft conversion for ‘60’s 40 hp, with shaft, housing, hardware, and tubes. $20

Heathkit C-2 Condenser Tester with magic eye, works and is a great judge of condenser viability. $35

Heathkit V-4 tube style voltmeter, works fine, but probably out of calibration. $30

Gale 30 hp powerhead without cylinder head or ignition. Basically, a crank, flywheel, rods, block, and pistons, but all together and very nice bores. Bore is 3 3/16”, stroke is 2 ¾”. Free to a good home.

Early Lightfour case, rods, crank, pistons. $10

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