Wisconsin RBM information

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Wisconsin RBM information

Postby Buccaneer » Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:25 pm

I'm finding very little information about Wisconsin RBM's.
I've scraped and cleaned most parts where one might find
a serial number, and so far found nothing.
Did the company ever have parts manuals, etc.?
From looking at Jack Craib's site, I believe it's a Model M.
Trying to get the guts out of the gear case. I have the prop
and gear case cover off, but can't seem to get the drive shaft
out of the drive gear. Doesn't appear that this one could be
pinned. The driveshaft doesn't stick out of the tube so one
can't "pull" on it, and about impossible to tap on it from
inside the gear case with the prop shaft in the way.
The drive shaft tube, which is about 1/16" wall thickness,
appears to be pressed on (about 4") to the gear case stub.
If I could get that off, I could pull on the driveshaft.
Anyone ever taken one of these apart?
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