Our domain name aomci.org was donated by Alison Kiellar in honor of Kenneth Kiellar.

Dedicated to the Preservation and Restoration of Antique Outboards


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Paying by Check or Money Order:

New Memberships

Make sure you include your e-mail address -- carefully printed -- so we can send out your invitation to join the "Inner Sanctum".

For payment of renewal memberships by check or money order,  please use the red  renewal card sent to sent to you by Member Services approximately 30 days before your membership  expires.

What to do once you've submitted your payment to the AOMCI?

After you have submitted your payment, our Membership Chairman receives a notification of your membership form. They may take a few days to process your application. Then the Membership Chairman compiles a list of New Members and emails the list to the Webmaster. Once the webmaster receives notification from Membership Services, an invitation to join the Members Only "Inner Sanctum" will be emailed to you. From there you will be asked to enter in a username and password. Please note that our server does not recognize spaces within usernames or passwords. If you enter one in, you will receive an email asking for a new password from the webmaster. Once your information has been entered into our system, the Webmaster will send out a confirmation email stating that your account is now active.

Please note that the AOMCI is based off of volunteers that give up their free time to provide Members with this wonderful Club.

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