Our domain name aomci.org was donated by Alison Kiellar in honor of Kenneth Kiellar.


Dedicated to the Preservation and Restoration of Antique Outboards

Often times, Old Iron collectors are asked by folks around them, "Why?"  Answers vary greatly; some will speak of happy times with the family at the summer cottage. Others collect to remember a simpler time. A few of us started with one motor -- an old second hand motor that ran -- that we bought because a new motor was too expensive. In most cases, one motor quickly became a dozen and a simple pastime became an obsession.

For those who remember when Martin, Champion and Scott-Atwater were familiar names and still enjoy boating and tinkering, Antique Outboarding may be a logical hobby. But not all of our members are "old geezers" trying to recapture their youth. Many of our members still have their youth. For these young collectors, a relatively modern 1980 Johnson was made before they were born. They have never seen a new motor without a plastic cover. Evinrude and Johnson have always been the same motor with different colors and West Bend has always been Force, never Elgin.