Evolution Evolution

Dear Users, 
Thank you all for your comments, we are working to incorporate them as appropriate.

Based largely on your comments the development team has a list of further modifications and enhancements they are working on to improve the user experience.

As far as the roll out of this process, we could have had the forums all tested and ready to go, but not with all the migrated data. We were not even sure on November 1st when we shut it down if we would be able to migrate the forum to the new format, or, if like we did in the past have to start from scratch. Step one was try, step two is to configure it, a process which we are still working on.

I thank you all for your patience in this process. The volunteers who are managing this process and the professionals we have employed are trying our best to do the impossible and make you all happy.

If you still are having trouble logging in and have had no success resetting your password or problems accessing the Members Only content please send a message to Travis at, be sure to include your full name and physical address, email address and a description of your issue, including the steps you have already attempted to solve the problem.  


Richard L. Paquette
VP-Publications AOMCI

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