Classified Ad Requirements

Feel free to post your Classified Ads & Wanted to Buy in our Free Classifieds section.
There are are only a few requirements that MUST be followed in order for your ad to be successful.
Please describe your articles as accurately as possible and post photos or drawings if available.
Please be specific if you are wanting to BUY, SELL, TRADE or FIND items.

Your ad must contain the following information in order for it to be approved.
1. Your Location must be listed in ad or on your avatar 
2. A list of items must be supplied
3. Contact information: either phone #,email or pm. If you go pm route only registered users are allowed to reply. If your account name is set up with an email you don’t have to list your email in ad
4. Classifieds will run for 90 days then it will be deleted.
5. No personal EBay ads or other personal “for profit” business advertisements.
6. Pictures are open please do not take advantage or pics will be delete. 
7. When sold please reply to ad stating SOLD.

NOTICE: Must have one type of contact listed in ad. Be aware of Spammers this is a public area

All replies to a Classified Ad must be directed to the poster 
using the private contact information provided in the ad.
NO replies will be posted in the public forum – private communications only. No Chit Chat

Thank you
AOMCI Administration