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    First off, welcome to the forum!
    There is no kit available for this carburetor. There are some individual parts and gaskets still available. My primer still functioned on mine when I went through the carb so I didn’t have to do anything to that, which made it a little easier. It’s kind of a different carburetor, but not too complicated. The internal gaskets I just cut out of cork and rubber gasket material sheet. There are some club members that sell parts also. If there are specific parts you need, post an ad in the Free Classifieds section. If you are looking for some help, there are many very knowledgeable folks here willing to help out. You may consider starting a new topic for your specific questions or to chronicle your progress. I’m fairly familiar with this motor having been through this one and I also have a QD-10 that I’m working on here and there. I try to help out when I can.

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    Email Dan Gano.Very helpful for older parts , and will steer you right. http://www.ganotech.com/

    Doug Brooke has the bowl gasket if that helps.

    https://www.vintageoutboard.com/collect … owl-gasket


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    Hey there folks,
    I’ve run into a bit of a hiccup restoring my grandfather’s old QD-12.

    After disassembly I noticed a great deal of play in one of the connecting rods…up/down, side/side and every other which way. Pressing out the wrist pin revealed this:

    Might be kind of hard to see, but there is some pretty serious pitting and grooves worn in both the wrist pin and connecting rod…the brass(?) bushing in the connecting rod end is completely worn through in spots. There is a hole in the bushing and a hole in the connecting rod end that I’m assuming are supposed to be lined up for proper lubrication…they weren’t. 😕 has anyone seen anything like this before? The other piston/con rod seem totally fine.

    Anyways it seems that the solution is a new con rod and wrist pin…

    After digging up the part number I found the following con rod.

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/375595-Connecti … 43b0b57d20

    It’s listed as coming out of a QD-10, but the parts catalog lists the same part number for all QD motors, so I’m assuming they are all the same. Just wanted to verify with someone before I order the wrong part! He does have 2 rods available…would it make sense to replace the good one as well just for the sake of consistency?

    Anyways, any thoughts or advice would be appreciated! I was very excited to find this thread – great resource!


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    Hi ggauld, you should start a separate thread with your question as this original one is getting old now.

    The QD rods started to change around ’59 with a wider beam and bushing at the small end to help prevent the wear you are seeing. The wider bushing might not fit between your pistons pin bosses without being ground down. ’61 to ’63 QD rods are totally different and must be used with the matching pistons. Any rods from ’58 and down should fit your pistons.

    Before the later needle bearing rods, the bushings were known to wear out and would make for a noisy running motor. If the pins are still serviceable, new bushings can be made for the rods.



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    Holy smokes, what a difference in rod construction!

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