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    I’ve acquired a 1956 Crestliner Voyager hardtop that needed some wiring. The previous owner had the negative grounded to the boat (aluminum, of course). I didn’t think that was altogether proper as I saw other videos and instructions on wiring using a negative bus bar. I noticed that the horn and bow light, however, are grounded to the boat using their own mounts. I was just wondering what thoughts might be as to using the boat as the ground or the bus bar or combination of both. I have a 4 gang switch plate with negative bus that I will be installing. Any ideas? Thanks.


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    Do not use the boat hull as a ground !! Run hot and ground wires to each fixture or appliance. Its perfectly fine to run grounds back to a central buss which in turn is connected to the battery negative. Best to run the “hot” side to a terminal strip with fused circuits.

    Joe B


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    Like Joecb said, you are asking for trouble – bad connections, galvanic action corrosion, etc it you use an aluminum boat hull as a ground return. It’s just as easy to run two wire instead of one and not much added cost.

    FYI: If you don’t already know, there is a good message board like this one and a lot of other info for old Crestliner restoration at http://retrocrestliner.com/

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    Last fuseblock I replaced it had landing lugs for pos & neg both with tabs to connect branch wiring, pos was fused.

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