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  • crosbyman
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    the little kicker was driving me nuts with the top plug not firing

    good coil , good condenser, good electrical test from plug end to frame (4Kohms or so ) points clean ….no spark

    swapped the condenser swapped in chinese cheapy the coil , cleaned.. .points again… electrical now 7koms on the plug to frame …. yet no spark on the top coil

    plug wire new solid core and screwed in solid in the coil HV point

    last trial …. clipped the wire back 3/8 inch skinned the plug wire end 1/4 inch and frayed the wires as suggested recently (FR ?)

    finally got sparks on the bare wire tip of the top plug

    reassembled the plug end with the wire frayed tip against the spring clip and bingo sparks galore on the top plug

    I know all the theory about sparks jumping across insulation and bad/open connections but this is a mystery why I could see the secondary winding on my ohmmeter but could not get sparks till I redid that clip connection .

    live and learn some more each day 🙂

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    Check your points. I have had loose rivets on the insulator board. When you tighten the screw the insulator board shifts and shorts out. They were BlueStreak points.

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    good heads up but check out the points and all ok everything started working when i snipped the end of the wire and reclipped
    the plug spring clip in the booth

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