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    Okay. I give up. I’m coming to you guys for help.
    My new project is a 1968 Wizard 9 hp.
    What is up with the lack of information and parts concerning this motor?
    I need an upper shock mount, Wizard part #197347 (as well as all the standard things like seals and such).
    I’ve spent two nights looking and finally found one, shock mount, for $57.
    My notion is that this shock mount was the one design flaw and so they all got used up.
    Is this price right? It surprised me.
    This seems to be a solid, good, well built, well designed(!) motor. Were there just not many made? Were they all run into the ground? Are guys hording them?
    I love working on this motor, but am at a loss.
    Incidently, I’m coming off of a 1968 Evinrude 9.5 hp build (failure at this point) that was a mechanical nightmare compared to the Wizard, yet there is no shortage of material on that motor, parts, opines, literature, etc.
    Anyhoo, any input, sources, help?
    Oh yea, I’ve come across the name Ben Dittmar, the Chrysler dude, a lot. If you’re reading this Mr. Dittmar….
    Gainesvile, FL



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    I suppose by now you realize your Wizard was made by Chrysler. Sure, probably not many were made under the Wizard badge. Moreover probably not many Western Auto Stores left to sell them. But there were more Chryslers sold, and Monkey Ward’s Sea Kings too. So think those brands in your parts searches.

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