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    All is well with the power head removal. The plastic bushing for the water tube is worn but not melted.
    Thanks to all for the replies to my earlier post.
    Now the prop. I found a new Mich. Wheel 9×9 2 blade aluminum for around $100.00. I would like to just have my old prop
    repaired to save money. Does anyone know a prop repair shop that I could send the prop?



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    have you priced prop repairs…

    . depending on severity of damages you may be better off buying a good used one or a new one and keeping yours as a spare prop


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    I think you have more splines than that one . count them. That one is a 6 spline.

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    I took a Mercury Quicksilver standard 14 X 19 3 BLD RH aluminum propeller in for repair @ Erie Propeller Repair Local Toledo Shop.
    only one of the three blades was damaged the other two looked brand new, The damaged tip was missing less than
    1/2 inch of material. Should be an easy fix? I went back to pick up repaired propeller and the Shop told me $90.00
    I questioned the repair cost by saying it was only one blade tip that was damaged? The shop told me it was $90.00 because
    They had to check the other two blades??? They check the blades by dropping the prop on a master fixture and rotating
    It takes less than 5 seconds to do this??? I needed the prop for a spare so I paid the $90.00 to “ERIE PROPELLER”
    When the shop owner gave me my receipt I looked him in the eye for a few seconds and said Now I know Why the Navy Calls them “SCREWS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Michigan thinks that’s an 8-spline – ’68 or newer (up to about ’85).

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    Yes, 68 and newer used the 8 spline prop shaft. You can contact Dave McHenry at Gainesville Radiator in Gainesville GA. He runs a great prop shop and can give you a real price. It all depends upon the weight you are going to load this motor up with, but I always suggest a 7P three blade for most applications vs. the 2 blade 9P. These motors (like most Mercury’s) develop horsepower with RPM. Don’t over prop a Mercury and it will love you for it.


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