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    We never did much with Chrysler stuff but the ones we did see were decent runners. Later, we became Force servicing dealers for awhile, mostly so we could have access to other areas of Mercury’s outboard stuff like training and parts. The Force 90 though 150 were Chrysler based and ran well. However, they were prone to power head failure from piston rings sticking and failing. If you held a Force piston in your hand, you almost couldn’t tell the difference between it and an OMC cross flow piston. OMC cross flow V engines were prone to the exact same type of grenading. I can’t tell from the diagram if your Chrysler has them or not; but I doubt it. Also, the Chrysler Force CDI ignitions were a little weak on service data and parts were hard to come by. When Mercury took over Force, getting rid of those old ignitions was the first….and best….thing they ever did.

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    Mix the gas and oil THOROUGHLY, add an extra fuel filter to the fuel line, keep tabs on the gearcase lube, and use Seafoam now and then to keep it clean, it will last a long time. Many knocks against Chrysler/Force engines were caused by boating newbies who didn’t know, or care, how to do ANY of these things, used cheap bargain oil, too much or too little, basically ran them into an early grave. I took care of my Force 120, and it ran like a champ until I sold it due to hard times.

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    Once I get it running I’m going to fog it down to make sure theres oil everywhere it should be and then run pennzoil XLF TCW-III oil at 50:1 from then on.

    And I agree on the newbie stuff, I see it way too often with jetskis and people either not knowing or the dealer just pushing products not meant for the particular application.


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    Good news! I’ve found that the housing I have is indeed for a 55hp motor BUT if you take the seal and plastic washer for a 120 and use that in place of the smaller 55hp driveshaft seal the housings are the same.

    So therefore the FK500060 is the most up to date part for the 76 120 and fits the 70 through 135 range motors. Unfortunately they’re $160 all by themselves so sourcing a full water pump kit will get you everything needed for the same price.

    As previously stated though I’ll keep this updated on how it turns out once it’s cleaned up and running again.


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    Try Franz Marine. 816-966-8085

    I have bought many Chrysler parts from him in the past for a 75 and 105 HP.

    The Power Pack for those motors are very troublesome. I had 3 of them fail.


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