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  • crosbyman
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    well my “nice” $60 5.5hp Evinrude Jubilee was dripping a drop a day and not from any seals bolts etc…

    upon a real down on my knees close examination….. I found a couple of airline cracks in the lower half of the gearcase weeping that drop of oil every day !

    Major deception… 🙁

    Are these gearcase halves matched or would a simple replacement lower half cure the drips or.. .am I limited to changing the whole gear case body 🙁

    Any chance that a good clean up of the lower half followed by some inside coating of JB weld be capable of sealing these airline cracks ?? what about crazy glue to infiltrate the cracks.

    these very thin cracks .. half a air but a fingernail can feel them so structurally I don’t think the thing would fall apart

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    David Bartlett
    David Bartlett
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    Very likely freeze damage at some point. Another lower gearcase half should fix it. some will say that they should not me miss-matched but I and others have done so with good results.

    J_B weld or other products may not work well due to not being able to get the oil residue out of the crack.

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    Aluminum tends to clog up the cutter/file when “V”ing out the crack’ but I have sealed some gear case cracks with the aluminum (zink??) brazing rod. Those split cases are machined as a unit and the factory frowned on swaping skegs. From what I have heard you have about a 20% chance of it leaking. . .

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    soldering may be my best …first option (waiting for wtb offers and tims ouboard for a quote)

    I have a friend who runs welding shop… I will consult with him on the possibility of having one of his “aluminium” specialist look at it.

    this is a bummer after having chased a carbon seal new carbom a seal plate doing electricals and carb clean up 🙁

    p.s. btw…. freebies accepted 🙂

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    took out the lower gearcase half… gears in real nice condition

    found small airline crack along the side of leading edge of the skeg . Crack can be seen also on the inside surface also … possibly an impact caused it ? upon closer lokk no other cracks found 🙂

    anyhow i’ll inquire on possible welding or stuff the inside of the leading edge with JB weld since the crack is way down where left and right surfaces meet and JB would not mechanically obstruct anything…

    will update when fixed ….

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    I have fixed them with JB weld, some from inside, some from outside. I clean out the crack and cut a groove with a die grinder and then fill it. On the motors that I like best, I have had them welded. Yes, a purist welder will tell you that the aluminum is saturated with oil, but it only needs to bond well enough to fill. No real strength required.

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    I added some 3 in 1 oil in the lower half gearcase to confirm the leaky crack before proceeding and yet….. no drips ????

    maybe it is not leaking because no enough oil is bearing down in the crack ??? weird

    in any event I’ll keep at it for a few days and may reseal the gearcase with JB weld

    I have a prop shaft seal arriving soon and will close it all up and pressure test with air and soapy water

    I may as well go all out and do the shift rod seal and driveshaft….few more days to go before ice out 🙂

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