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    Gary Richey

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    As I get one step closer to launching this old girl, new issues pop up. I just finished an o-ring job on my six gallon Evinrude gas tank fuel line fitting (it leaked bad) that now allows me to run the motor for an extended period of time (mounted on the back of the boat, lower part of motor sitting in a large trash can full of water). After a couple minutes of running, it started smoking and continued smoking until I shut it down after maybe five minutes of running time. Smoking quite a bit. Previously, when I first started it (after 50 years of not running) it smoked a little, to be expected I guess, but it probably only had 1-2 minutes total of running time prior to yesterday. The smoke was coming out the exhaust. I thought I should revisit the oil/gas mixture I was using and now believe I was too light on the oil. I had mixed 8 ounces (1/2 pint) of oil to 3 gallons of gas. What should be the mixture of oil and gas for this motor? An additional consideration – the carb was rebuilt and I have made no attempt at adjusting it yet (that’s another topic to be covered in the near future). But I don’t believe an out of adjustment carb could cause that much smoke, right? Thoughts? I just hope I didn’t potentially cause any harm to the motor.


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    You should be using a 24-1 mix. That would be 1/3 pint oil per gallon of fuel, or a full pint of oil to your 3 gallons of gas.


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    Well, sure it is smoking.
    1. You are barrel cruising. It was built for lake or ocean cruising.
    2. You are running it for extended time at slow speed. Not enough to burn off the oil as it accumulates.
    3. 1/2 pint/gallon is more than it needs. Won’t hurt anything other than possible fouled plugs and lots of smoke. 24:1 is correct, but it actually will be fine with 50:1, but I won’t recommend it for fear of starting another oil war.
    4. Carb isn’t adjusted. Likely dumping too much gas/oil into the cylinders.
    5. Get it out of that bucket and onto the lake and get it properly adjusted, and it will be much better. Better scenery too.


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    I run 24 to 1 in my 1957, 1958, and 1959 35 HPs and they don’t smoke when you get them up and running on the lake – sometimes just a little when they first start after being choked, etc.. In a barrel, all smoking bets are off. Frank covered all the culprits well!

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