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    Hello to all;

    Will this motor run with the kill switch disconnected, and the wires taped off?

    I worked on a motor as a favor. Ran fine for me, but he can’t seem to get it to pop.

    Now he tells me that the switch is frayed and broken, so he clipped and taped the wires.

    I realized I wasn’t 100% sure exactly how this switch works, (I like to play with older motors than this) so
    I thought I’d check.

    All opinions welcome.
    Thanks, and happy motoring!


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    I don’t know why not. The kill switch shorts the power pack to ground to stop it.


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    Should short black/yellow strip to black(ground) like all OMCs always have. Push the yellow/black out at the pack connector and isolate it where it can’t touch a ground and try again. It could be frayed somewhere else and touching a ground.

    Dan in TN


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    I know we all assume our own risk running vintage outboards without kill switches but I would not want to be responsible for disabling a safety feature on a outboard someone else was using . A lot of risk involved there even if the person is well versed.


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    Many thanks!

    I thought that it worked by grounding, meaning it shouldn’t prevent the motor from running when disconnected.

    He did that on his own, and then worked on it some more, too. Which probably means it’ll be back at my house shortly! By the time I got it back to him the first time, it was a one-pull motor. No telling what he’s done since, (or, why!)

    Although I have little hope of being listened to, I will make sure to let the guy know of the dangers of running a motor w/out a kill switch. (Although I’ve only owned one motor new enough to actually have one, I don’t want the guy running over himself!!)

    I’m glad to pass on a bit of the patience and kindness I’ve gotten from this club, and I won’t tease him, very much.

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