959 Harters with 1958 35 hp Johnson and original trailer

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  • outboardnut
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    Neat……….I instantly started humming the "Batman" theme.

    Prepare to be boarded!

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    Ah I miss my old RDS.


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    That is a seriously cool boat. That old Johnson super silent is the first outboard I ever worked on. 33 years ago I got a super silent 35 for free from an old house I was rehabbing. I spent a lot of time and frustration figuring that thing out. I had it on the back of a 57 Feathercraft finned aluminum boat, 16 footer, blue anodized finish (I think it was anodized). If only a man could go back and reclaim all the cool stuff he did not value enough as a youth.


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    Long shaft? on that boat?

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    Yeah, that is a great old boat!

    And, it does look like a long shaft motor on a short transom. Hmm. Hard to tell, with that "interesting" trailer setup.
    I’d question the origins of that. Motor looked pretty clean, from a distance.

    The hull is probably a Herter’s, not that I know.

    I do love the tail lights, tho! Are those red and green, for turn signals?

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    the dual taillights on the back of the boat (one red, one white each side) were for trailering the boat- those were the trailer lights. totally invalid for water operation unless you somehow wired the whites to be extra stern lights

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