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    I got these in a grouping of special tools recently in an auction. Anybody recognize them and/or their use?





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    Looks like part of a bearing or sleeve remover?

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    Picture number 2 has a dark colored rod with a beveled end on it. It is a Chrysler flywheel removing tool. It is for the smaller motors that do not have the three holes tapped in the flywheel for one to use a flywheel puller. To use this tool, you place the square stock piece on the block and wedge it under the flywheel. The flywheel nut must be removed but not entirely from the threads. Leave the nut flush with the upper most thread. Now while pressing down on the rod, whack the flywheel nut with a brass hammer. The force of the tool lifting up against the flywheel should be enough to pop the flywheel loose from the taper on the crankshaft. Originally, there was a nut that was used to thread on the crankshaft and one used it as part of the flywheel removal tool.

    I have one of these tools and they do work. You don’t have to hit the nut very hard. Don’t take a 10 lb sledge and bugger up the nut/threads.

    I hope this helps, normal disclaimer is in effect, I assume no liability!


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    The last is a front stud from a merc KG9 lower

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