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  • grunt

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    Just bought a real nice 1957 Evinrude 5.5 Fisherman and gas tank
    For my 1950 Peterborough Aquaflyer currently under restoration
    The fellow said he will box it up for shipping
    I need it transported from Washington State to Michigan
    Used Uship previously and it worked out fine for boats and trailers
    Just wondering if anyone is coming this way sometime in the next month or so.
    Thanx, RT


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    That’s a nice boat you have there! And a nice Fisherman too.

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    I saw a recent post that recommended using Fastenal and shipping store to store.


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    FedEx Ground has always worked well for me, both in price as well as arriving safely.


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    I have used Greyhound as well, fairly cheap.

    BTW….I had an Aquaflyer as well, great boat hated to see it go. Is the 5.5 your main power for it? Might be seriously underpowered. I ran a 35hp on mine.



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    Thanx for the replies
    I listed it on Uship to see if I can find a reasonable offer
    Old, worn out and retired now
    Slow and steady wins the race for me nowadays…hence the 5.5 hp

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    With a motor that nice, I’d be looking at best, not cheapest. If you do go with a commercial should paper, make sure it’s packed VERY well. Heavy cardboard or even a wooden crate, with framing inside to mount the motor to. I’ve used UPS and FedEx to ship motors with good success.

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    Maybe you should consider a closer motor such as this one … 99586.html

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    Boy that is a sweet Fleetwin! I have a 58 Fleetwin that is one of my favorite motors. Not the most powerful, but just a very nice little motor. I found mine not far from you John at an auction in Campbellsport. (I met you there for the first time) I only paid $12 for mine, but it did need a bit of work. I think that the 58 Evinrudes were the best looking 50’s OMC motors.



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    I think that if you have that motor, full out, trying to push you west and a 20mph wind springs up and it happens to be pushing east, you will now be going east. Just my opinion.


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    When its that windy… I use my Grady White 208.


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    I couldn’t get any reasonable quotes on Uship
    And the reviews on shipping through Fastenal were not very good
    The best I could find was UPS Ground from UPS store to UPS store
    So I’m going to go with them and hopefully it all works out.
    Thanx for all of the posts

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    I used Fastenal to ship a Koban…. HOW the motor is packaged makes the difference.
    1/4 inch plywood sides and top, 2X4 vertical supports and you can place a value on the motor, let us say $500. When the motor arrives, it will be obvious if the sides have damage, open the crate on site and determine if motor was damaged. If no damage great. but they will NOT cover damage if the crate is not completely covered. Also shipped a 35 hp Lark same procedure…. make sure it is covered completely and take photos when dropped off at the store for reference. Bit of advice, over value the motor …..




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    Picked up my motor and tank this past weekend
    UPS store to UPS store ground shipping
    $225 for the 2 packages
    Worked out great…5 days from Washington State to Michigan
    No damage whatsoever

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    Very nice looking Peterborough! I have a 1951 Speedster that needs some restoration. Who are you using for your restoration? I am near Cleveland Ohio.

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