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    I remember my first job….For some reason, I was checking spark or cranking the 4hp over with the plugs out in the test tank…And then puufff, the thing was on fire….The extinguisher was on the other side of the shop, so I unclamped the little engine and dunked it in the test tank! Fortunately, it didn’t get wet under the flywheel, so just cranked the water out and it started right up….Often wondered if anyone else noticed, I think I was alone in the shop….


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    I’ve told this story before, but I’ll amuse myself once more…..
    With all this “talk” of outboards “self emmolating”, I’m starting having “flashbacks”
    when I was a young teenager, circa 1969, starting up
    the 3 hp Buccaneer at the dock. Priming said motor ends up with some gas
    running down the inside of the cowling. Perhaps Gale didn’t think ahead that
    in a mere 15 years, their spark plug wire might be worn, or have leakage.
    Thank the Lord for leaky wooden boats and a handy bailing bucket………
    that was the first time it happened. I know you’re thinking there shouldn’t be
    a second time, but at 13 years or so old, outboard maintenance wasn’t a priority…
    if it started, you were good to go!
    The bailing bucket didn’t do the trick the second time, and after bailing water
    out of the lake wasn’t “doing it”, a panic set in. I probably should have run at
    this point, but bravery / stupidity set in, and I un-clamped the motor from the transom
    and threw it in the lake. After fire danced on the water for about 15 seconds and
    went out, I realized I was going to live, and I started feeling better, until I looked up
    at the house and seen my brother looking out the picture window laughing his
    hinney off.
    I can’t remember if the spark plug wire ever did get replaced on the Buccaneer.
    It’s up in the rafters, awaiting new adventures.

    Prepare to be boarded!


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    With age those old Packard 440 wires tended to crack where they exited the clamp under the magneto base. Sounds like a good time to install new ignition wires.

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