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    Just a heads up here to use caution when purchasing new NGK spark plugs from Amazon, Ebay, or from guys in white vans also selling stereo equipment. Since they are so popular, a big Asian country has jumped on the bandwagon and is now making counterfeit NGK plugs and passing them off as original.

    Generally, any plugs with too good of a price on them should be your first warning. Here’s a few videos showing some differences between the fakes and the real deal.


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    Thanks for the article Mumbles.

    A few years ago I bought a great deal on NGK plugs on ebay and each of them only lasted about 5-10mins in a child size atv. In hindsight I’m lucky they didn’t bugger anything up on me.

    A little information is a dangerous thing!


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    hopefully Amazon who is always asking for reviews will NOT erase bad reviews or warnings

    in any event Amazon should not be offering this product.

    btw years ago…my son picked up a poor man’s “Canada Goose down” coat while visiting China … cost in China 80$ real one in Canada $800-$1000 plus taxes

    main difference …. chicken feathers poking out but a warm coat nonetheless tags printed as “Made in Canada”


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    Edit: In hindsight, I kind of apologize for this but it’s just my pet peeve. Sorry. I’ll shut up now.

    Long live American manufacturing!

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    ooops political deviation here… men as far back as prehistoric times have always wanted better for themselves and their kids including food lodging land security and the
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    …back to topic 🙂


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    Hope Champions are ok


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    Hmmmm. Well, according to these videos, the NGK plugs I recently received from one of our favorite Marine suppliers are fake. Guess I will get my next set from my local auto parts store so I can verify their authenticity rather than ordering on-line and getting chumped. Or maybe I’ll just stay with Champions.


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    Champion went through that in the late ’30s –

    David Bartlett
    David Bartlett

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    What Bill said!!!!!!!!!

    David Bartlett
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    This is pretty disturbing. I’ve been a heavy NGK user since owning and working on Yamaha motorcycles in the early 70s. They also turned out to be an improvement over the OEM Bosch in VWs and BMWs of that era. I’ve used them very successfully in my outboards and have bought several motors with NGKs installed by dealers so I’m not the only one.

    The problem is that the Made in Mexico Champions are junk. I’ve had way more than a couple stop working in the first few hours of use. They won’t get any more of my money for those. I discovered the chainsaw lengths are usually made in USA and since their heat range numbers match the longer plugs they’re perfectly acceptable as replacements. An added bonus is on some of our motors the extra clearance is an advantage. I pick them up in the clearance shelves of the big box home improvement stores for 1/2 price or less off season. I also now carefully inspect old plugs that find their way to me and I no longer pitch the old -J plugs unless they’re really nasty.

    Another choice I’ve really been happy with are Autolite. Tried some when the local Advance didn’t have NGK and they are still doing great.

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