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    Has anyone ever had a custom sized fuel tank made up?

    Would like to get a triangular one made for my fishing boat. Will fit it up at the bow.

    I need to get some weight out of the back of the boat, as Im making a custom live well table at the stern now.

    Anyone been through this before?


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    Depending on size of course but I think you’re going to find a custom aluminum tank like you are describing in the 4 to $500 range.


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    Been thinking about the same thing for my boat. Depends on what your looking for? Capacity & measurements. Everything in the world out there. I may have a contact at Moeller. Haven’t talked to him in a while.
    These were being built here in TN. They need to be out of the sun to hold up. Be better if it was under your live well shelf or whatever? Requires some plumbing for filling & vent, but not hard. You can wire a gauge or not. If you can see it then you can tell how much fuel you have. This is just a sample of what’s out there.
    Custom builder have built every size & shape for bass boats over the years. They call it blow molding.
    Well I guess the technical term is roto molded! … cordNum=35

    Dan in TN


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    We have a guy at a heating/air conditioning co. that
    will make and weld them for us. Just the tank. We put in the
    sending unit, fuel pump, fill tube, and return. He
    will make a tank. His company isn’t liable if we
    turn them into gas tanks.


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    After the tank is built it needs to be certified to be legal for use. It may void your insurance otherwise and leave you liable if there is a fuel tank related issue.

    Upper Canada Chapter


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    Chris, I used this company to build a replacement aluminum tank for my Magnum Missile. They did a great job with the baffle, and the sender. I sent them a drawing with dimensions, and they provided a quote.
    Bob D


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    Triangular tanks around around. My Crestliner had one,now long gone. I’d like to replace it.

    What are the legalities on fuel tanks? Do they have to be stamped or certified individually? Or is there a set of standards that qualifies them? Or?


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    Years ago I made a tank for my new 1986 19′ Fishin’ Ski Barge out of 10 ga steel. Used 2 fittings and clear tubing to make a sight glass for the fuel gauge to tell how full it was. Oil in the gas prevented a lot of rust forming inside.

    Dunno about the Coast Guard certification tho, but I am sure the experts on here will chime in with their infinate wisdom on this matter.


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    The Feds aside, if you can tolerate reduced capacity, what about reshaping the end of a std 6 gal steel tank? Welding steel is less expensive than Al.


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    I need at least a 24 gallon tank or there abouts. My fishing rig has a 115hp 2 stroke Merc on it. She is thirsty!

    I have actually located a few good used ones. I may go that route perhaps now.

    Thanks for all the input! All great ideas.

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