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    Matthew Pieklik

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    I just acquired an Elto Quad .Seems to be about 75% there . Not stuck, how ever it is missing its share of parts. I can’t find a tag on it to tell me exactly what it is. Hopefully some one can shed some light on this. Not sure if this is going to be a parts motor or be the luck one to be resurrected .


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    You're only as smart as the person you're talking to.

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    Like Tubs said it’s a 1928 Elto Quad. They are fantastic running motors.
    The serial number tag would be on the tank that you have missing.
    You have the timer which is good and at least 1 original coil which will probably need to be rewired.
    You should be able to find a tank for it just place an ad on webvertize.
    The Elto model designation is 307 I believe.
    It’s one of my favorite motors to run.
    It’s a desirable motor to have. Congrats.


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    Mathew , I can rebuild the Elto Quad coils. contact me for details adekalb@a-znet.com I May also have some parts . No tanks. Water Bug.

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