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    Not a “question” post (too many to focus right now) just a “wanted to share” post. Snow has disappeared early here and as it receded I rushed around my new hometown plastering “wanted old outboard” signs on all the public bulletin boards.
    Well folks responded, figuring “ great a new sucker!” Got a lot of calls. Tried to show some restraint but…… Lots of treasures. Yesterday a call came, at what my wife calls the "outboard witching hour" 9-10 am on sat-sun.

    A Rudder Twin.

    Yep I might have broke the speed limit by a klick or two getting there. Before the seller had hung up his phone I was at the door. I had “Keen” written all over my face so he got an extra 20 out of me LOL.

    As I drove her home I promised myself “ your not touching a wrench today, take your time,………..”

    Well that lasted as long as it took to read the mdl C D manual LOL. (thanks AOMCI member)

    Missing some parts, some broke parts, needing some holes tapped, got a few issues BUT it turns over with a very promising hiss click pop. What I can see of the pistons looks clean. Oh the Joy!

    Took a bunch of pictures and thought I’d post them for anyone, like me till today, who has never seen the beauty of the details Ole built into this gem. I am just tickled with her and once I calm down I am looking forward to starting the process of making her mechanically A1.

    Here she is moments after having displaced a White merc from a stand,

    soon to be registered

    Still has alot of her "Silvery"

    I am smitten with the poppet valve mixer. So few parts!

    Who needs those troublesome impellers? Not me!

    And now I need a new radio for the shop

    All this way with no tears

    Start em young! (working hard that is)

    Wood stove or outboard? Missing some bits but love the practicality

    Looks like she stood in a manure pile for a while. Ugly but sound.

    My only real worry so far:


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    Congratulations – You and your little helper should have a great time resurrecting that gem in the rough.

    . . . . . . 😀


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    Thanks Garry, Yes my little helper is great with any task that invloves dish soap and water. Luckily I have a larger version for the heavy lifting and drudgery work. That reminds me I gotta get the elto tank filled with ‘cleaning pennies’ so he is not idle after school. LOL.


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    Oh boy, what a great find!


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    Sure is, might be my pinnacle. Result of many, many excursions. The hunt really is alot of fun eh.

    This is the second time that what started out as a look at something not too interesting turned into a score. Last one was a Martin 20 after buying a 74′ OMC single 2 hp. My motto is look at everything offered cause you never know what else is around. This seller had an Elgin and when we looked it up in the Old Outboard Book I pointed out some of the ‘older stuff’. He then turned up the Elto while cleaning an estate and called. That siezed, tired, faded green,15 dollar Elgin was the best purchase I ever made.

    BTW that Old Outboard Book is worth it’s wieght in gold. Never leave home on an outboard hunt with out it. Educating a seller about what they have helps alot.


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    Sent you a PM.
    Check your messages at
    the top of the page.

    You're only as smart as the person you're talking to.


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    Congratulations on a great find! It’s gonna be a fantastic project.

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