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    This recoil was gummed up badly with grease. Unless it was warmed in the sun, you couldn’t pull the motor over. Where could so much grease come from? Or was this a case of using too much grease? It cleaned up well with nylon, brass brushes, gas and rags.


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    looks like the last person that had it apart got a little carried away with the grease and it had gotten old and sticky


    how is it motors multiply when the garage lights get
    turned off?


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    A small amount of the wrong grease will do that .Doesn’t take much to do the job but make sure it is the right product .I’ve had motors where it fell out in great chunks or worse yet had to to pried and picked out .


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    What is the right grease, then?


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    I lkie just a little OMC Triple Guard or other waterproof grease. I have a tube of Phil Wood’s waterproof bicycle grease that seems just like the OMC Triple Guard.

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