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  • frankr

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    Following is the gist of an e-mail that I received from Harbor Freight. Wahoo!!! and Amen!

    As we’ve been following the news over the last few days, we’ve heard about the severe shortage of protective gear for hospitals, healthcare workers and first responders as the impact of COVID-19 is being felt across the country. America depends on these heroes every day and in the days ahead we will depend on them even more. At Harbor Freight, we want them to know that they can depend on us too.
    So we’ve decided to donate our entire supply of the personal protective equipment items listed below to front line hospitals with 24 hour emergency rooms in the communities served by our stores.
    • N95 Masks
    • Face Shields
    • 5 and 7 mil Nitrile Gloves

    David Bartlett
    David Bartlett

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    Classy move!

    David Bartlett
    Pine Tree Boating Club Chapter

    "I don't fully understand everything I know!"


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    Yes Frank I saw that as well. That’s an amazingly compassionate and generous donation.
    Living in NYC we need all the help we can get.
    I have always supported them in the past, and will continue in the future.
    Unfortunately they buy so much (everything) from ………………….China.
    Bob D


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    Billionaire Warren Buffet also is helping out. He just sent two cargo jets to China to procure tons of masks and PPE. Thank you sir. Maybe, more mega billionaires will now step up and help.


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    My wife got the same email, she passed it on to our next door neighbor who is working in the hospital testing center. They didn’t know about it. If you know any health car workers spread the word.

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