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    Hello members,

    I am the curator of the Tahoe Maritime Museum and we are doing and exhibition on Outboards. While we are fortunate to have a passionate and knowledgeable “inboard guy” but we don’t have an equivalent for outboards. The museum was gifted a sizable collection years ago and I am doing my best to research them through many avenues. I would like to post some of the list of those which will go on display and would welcome any and all info that you folks might have for any of them. Thank you for any and all assistance.

    -Caille Liberty Single, 1920
    -British Seagull, 1950s
    -Bendix Eclipse, 1939
    -Evinrude “C” Service Racer, 1949
    -Evinrude 60hp, 460, 1940s
    -Champion “Hot Rod” last produced, 1956

    I’m sure I need to collect model numbers ect., as we were only provided with this list of name and year. But anything would help for a starting point.


    Pictures CAN be provided

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    This book would help you ALLOT


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    I had already ordered it, and it DOES! thanks

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