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    Working on a 1962 Sea King 5hp. In the process of pulling the power head.
    The carburetor employs two of these valve arms (high & low speed).
    How do you disconnect the nylon (plastic) arm from the metal rod. (No way the power head is coming off as the valve arm cannot be removed from the needle valve due to pan interference.)
    Does it slide through the slit and then out the hole or does it pop straight out?


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    Just looked at my Gale service manual. It covers from 1948 to 1963. Yours should be a 5D20B model. Not up to speed in this manual but found your 5D20 powerhead. Don’t know what the “B” means yet. Give me a shout at & I can scan your carb breakdown or sell you the book. My health is bad & will never use it.


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    I would bet on slide out to the hole. They would not have incorporated that slot and hole for no reason. Might help to soak the plastic part in hot water first.

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    The metal link arm will come out when you push it down into the larger hole. It takes a bit of effort to push it down – I usually spray a bit of penetrating oil on it to make it easier.


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