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    Picked up this little Johnson today. It’s similar in appearance to my 5 hp
    DT-38, but a lot smaller, and it’s a single cylinder.
    The closest I can find online is perhaps it’s a DS-37 or DS-38.
    Presume DS means “Deluxe Single” as it has the cowling.
    I can’t find any model number stamped in the normal places.
    Looked in the center of the fuel tank where my DT-38 is stamped,
    Looked on the side of the block where my TD and HD’s are stamped.
    Anyone know where to look for the model, or have any digital
    literature on this little motor?
    The transom mount has been welded up in the past, but it turns over
    and appears complete.





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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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