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  • wyo307

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    What is the good and the bad about a Mercury KE-4 Rocket 7.5hp? I have a chance to pick one up (serial number 546669, puts it a late model 1952) for a decent deal and it looks to be in nice original complete shape. He says that it has 95 and 98 psi compression is that adequate for this motor? He also says that it has spark on one cylinder but not the other so I am assuming new coils and condensers are in order so how expensive/hard to find are those? Anything else I should know about this motor before I go look at it? I have never even seen one of these old Mercs in person so I don’t really know what I would be getting into here, I am more of a Johnson/ Evinrude kind of guy. He is only asking $60 for it so I figure it is worth my time to take a look at least. Here are some pictures of it.

    Thank you for the insite

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    Most certainly worth $60.. Will be a pretty strong runner. All parts, coils, points and condensers are out there, as well as water pump impellers.
    Some parts might b e a bit harder to find but they ARE out there. Snag it

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    I paid $60 for mine and it wasn’t that nice. I don’t see the required dents in the tank or lower cowl that usually are on these old motors. I’d buy it!!!

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    They are equal to todays 8 horse motor but a lot lighter. . . 😀

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    Buy it! It more likely than not has a phelon ignition. I have have found many with a serviceable impeller.

    A little cleaning of tank, carb, and fuel line, two new coils, a new pull cord rope and pull handle, and fuel filter and you will have it running.

    Avoid the temptation to pull it all apart.

    These are my favorite motors. Very easy to work on. I can explain how to use OMC coils on it in place of the more expensive phelon aftermarket coils.

    If you are missing anything email me.

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    Early KE4 have Bendix magneto later versions like yours have Repco/Phelon magnetos.
    If it were mine I would replace seals in crankcase and lower unit as part of winter
    preventative maintenance. Mercurys are different. They take a little getting used to.
    The picture indicates this KE4 was not abused or worked on by the unskillful. For the
    asking price I could find room for it in a heartbeat.


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    More than decent IMO.

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    Even with the exchange rate equal $80.00 Canadian, that is a good deal. Very good original condition from the pictures.


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    great real good running motors at that price i would not think twice before i went after it. Parts are around and not that bad looks to have been cared for

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    Very powerful for its size, mine will do 18 mph on 11.5 ft plywood boat. Easy to work on compared to other Mercuries. I have a Mk 7 powerhead on KE4 so I have the Phelon magneto will idle very slow.


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    Ok Guys I think you have me convinced to at least go see if it is in fact as nice as the photos make it look. I’ll probably buy it if it is. The problem is it is 4 hours away but I am already heading down there next weekend anyways so as long as he doesn’t sell it between now and then I’ll be good.


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    Well this motor ended up following me home this weekend. It was just too good of a deal to pass up. I ended up with it for $55. So now does anyone have a manual/parts diagram for this motor that they are willing to share with me? I’ll post up some better pictures of it this afternoon.

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    #49077 … Ciid%253A9 … iid%253A17

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    There might be some useful information for free right here: … 8/49287/1/

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    I like this restoration video. … n/KE4.html

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