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    My question is about the small screen (p/n 0203320) found behind the air silencer on the mid 50’s OMC 3hp models (Lightwin and JW)
    Some say it’s a flame arrester, some say it creates a necessary turbulent air flow, some say it’s very restrictive so throw it out, some say the engineers knew what they were doing when they put it there..
    The motor I’m working on right now is missing this screen.
    How important is the screen? Will it’s absence cause running issues? Would a screen cut from something akin to window screen serve a useful purpose?
    Thanks for the help,


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    I tried running my 1967 JWF-22 without it and it didn’t run right. I replaced it and it ran fine… your milage may vary.


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    Listen to enough people till you hear what you want to hear. Seriously, of course it will run without the screen and I can’t believe it will go any faster. However it does have a bit of airflow effect, which is easily compensated for by adjusting the needle valves. The exception would be models with fixed high speed jets (non-adjustable.


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    And it makes it easier for the skeeters to get past the air silencers in and mush up the reed valves.

    I can’t see it making a difference for low hp motors, but on my 150 Force, the open carbs can pull your shirt into the venturis if you get too close at speed.


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    I have a 60 & 61. Also had a 62. The screen was missing
    in the 62. All ran fine. I also thought they are to keep
    critters out. If I had to pick between improves performance,
    hurts performance, and has no effect, I would choose
    has no effect.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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