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    Listen to Tubs suggestion! Sandblasting yields a surface very close to original,—and that’s what you want. For cast pieces, use a coarse grit. There are 2 theories out there: Original and customized. My thoughts…..original and restored to original motors don’t require excuses to their appearance. Customized motors attract a minority of buyers. After all, our goal is to restore and preserve to what they once were.


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    Nice work Chris. Those are great looking motors and you are doing a nice job of getting it right.

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    This will not be for sale! I would have to pay myself 10 cents an hours lol So I don’t really care if I attract buyers.

    When I restore a motor for myself, I do it the way I will enjoy looking at it.

    I would obviously never ruin a rare or unique motor! They get put back to original, or actually I prefer those not restored at all to be honest.

    My prized motors are all as found. This one was so far gone, I didn’t mind restoring it.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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