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    I have a 1964 Evinrude Sportfour 60 hp motor with NON electric shift. I know a handful of outboards shared similar lower units. Does anyone know what years, hps, and manufacturers may have also used this same lower unit?


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    I’m guessing as a start (no doubt I’ll be corrected by those who REALLY know!)

    Evinrude/Johnson 75 1960-1965
    Gale 60 1960-1963
    Evinrude/Johnson 60 1964-1967
    Evinrude/Johnson 80 1966,1967
    Evinrude/Johnson 65 & 85 1968

    Any "Heavy Duty" lowers were the one from the 50hp.
    SOME of the above were available with both electric & mechanical shift.

    You can look at the years here:
    http://www.marineengine.com/parts/johns … -parts.php
    Which will give you model numbers (tho I’m sure someone has a faster way!)


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    I haven’t checked Phil’s list, but he probably is correct. In short, the V4-60 never had electric shift, so you can eliminate all electric shift lower units. That leaves all the rest of the V-4 OMC outboards that do NOT have thru-the-prop exhaust. Exceptions would be the 50hp and the later ones that used the "Heavy Duty" lower unit, the heavy duty one actually being the old 50hp. However the heavy duty will fit if you prefer one.


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    great answers… I appreciate the info guys!!

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