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    The troll, start, run lever on my mk 15a is slipping and does nothing to affect running.

    The cam linkage that fits onto it has two set screws that should clamp it to the shaft of the lever, I can see where they are slipping and have gouged the shaft.

    There is a through hole in the pin/shaft that look like they should accept the set screws and it would eliminate the slipping and ensure a positive grip but for the life of me I cannot get the holes to line up with the screws.

    When I get it clocked to the right position to line up it seems to be at the wrong position for functionality. Also, it I think the holes in the lever shaft are lower than the screws in the cam and it is out of play in both directions.

    Am I losing my mind in that the holes are just there to be there and really serve no purpose to hold the linkage together or do I just need to keep trying.

    It is a hard thing to describe, I should have grabbed pictures and will do so tomorrow night but had to get this question out. If someone knows how to set the autotrans troll lever please chime in.




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    I have four 15As and the set screws do line up with the hole, on all of them.

    The whole linkage is plagued with places of poor mechanical advantage. It is very important that it all is able to move freely and not be binding from old, stiff grease. That the mag moves freely is the most important part.

    Scrutinize the link rod carefully. I have seen some home engineered ones that someone made to get around the fact that the engine didn’t run right.

    Long live American manufacturing!


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    Thanks! Glad you could decipher my description. The motor is clean and runs well but have never gotten that right since I dismantled it for the water pump mission. Mag, lever, and linkage all free and easy

    I will go back to the drawing board on this one and look again at what I am missing


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    Maybe you can find some helpful info here.

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