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    I recently came into this Zephyr model 4404 and as I start to restore it have run into a few questions that I thought I would post.
    First , The fuel tank is the cast one with the embossed lettering, It looks like it is a two piece split tank. It does not seem to be leaking at this time. I am thinking about opening it up for inspection and cleaning but do not want to cause more trouble than its worth. Is the gasket in these something that could be cut from flat material? or is the a spaghetti type seal ? o-ring maybe?
    Second ,has to do with the mag plate to throttle control linkage. I see where there was a linkage that connected these , my motor does not have it. I have searched the web looking for a picture of the linkage but nothing is forthcoming .Were some motors produced without it, and if so what is the running procedure? After starting does one, 1st move the mag lever , then turn the throttle knob ? or throttle first then mag lever? or does it not matter?
    Lastly I see where some have replaced the points and condensers with ATOMS red modules . While I have heard this motor run I am considering making this change. I see that ATOMS is no longer in business and finding the red module is not likely. And after extensive reading on how to make a module,[ that seems out of my ability] I was hoping that someone has found a replacement.

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