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    I’m working on a Johnson from 1972, painted in a sort of goldish-green, and an Evinrude from about the same time painted in a darker bluish-green. Are there any readily available spray paints with even an approximate match to these colors? I don’t need an exact match as I’m only painting some accessories and just don’t want them to stand out too much.


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    I’m painting a 56 evinrude with reprotint paints. Great match for my motor. Maybe they have a color to match yours.


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    Here’s the list of available colors from NY Marine, including yours. Very high quality paint in exact factory color match.


    1954 Johnson CD-11
    1956 Johnson RD-18
    1958 Johnson QD-19
    1959 Johnson QD-20


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    Any auto paint supplier can match whatever color sample you bring them and put n a rattle can. For instance, the guy I go to does it and charges $20. About what Reprotint and others charge. Your experience may vary..


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    + on the Reprotint paints.


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    That Johnson color is unique for 1972, I think…The earlier colors were a darker green. There were two darker Evinrude blue colors prior to 1973, 69-70 was kind of a flat colored blue, whereas 71-72 was a glossier slightly lighter colored blue. Both of these colors are still available from OMC/BRP, although I have seen many errors in their current color listings….D


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    Please list your model numbers for help. OMC did list part numbers and PPG color codes in some parts catalogs. Bluish green on a Evinrude does not sound familiar in 1972.

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