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    I am in the middle of getting this motor wor

    king. I have got the motor running and now am rebuilding the gearcase. Before I opened it up I noticed that the pivot pin was not completely seated in the skeg. Now that it is apart I have tried to insert the pin and screw it all the way in. No luck it will advance about 1/16th of and inch and no further. I have checked the threads on the pivot pin an run a tap in the skeg. All seems OK there .There is no obvious trauma to either the skeg or the pin {it does not appear to be bent}. A drill bit will travel the depth of the receiving hole in the skeg I am wondering if I should grind a small amount off the pin thinking that it would then seat properly. Any thoughts? On another front the gears and shift dog seem OK but the pinion gear does not drop out as it did on my other 35 but it spins freely.Should I just leave it as is? Thanks for any input Brian

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