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  • Mumbles

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    Has anyone else noticed that the option to post photos here has disappeared or is it just me?


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    I don’t see it either. It lists valid html tags below the edit box, but there is no option for , which was the old way. I tried it that way, but did not seem to work.

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    Yes, I noticed that is gone as well as the notifications of new posts and topics. It would be nice if there was some type of heads-up that some functionality may be missing for a period of time while improvements are being made before things just up and disappear and / or stop working. I assume it is temporary and there will be other improvements that come along with the return of these functions. Not only can I not post photos, but I cannot view photos that have been posted either. The only pictures I see are stills from YouTube video links and the like. All photos posted directly to the site seem to be missing right now and only show a file name. I hope those come back.

    OldJohnnyRude on YouTube

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    Is the ship sinking?

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