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    What should I put on old decals to preserve them.I use my motors,but don’t want to lose the original decals.


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    One simple procedure is to spray them with some kind of good quality automotive grade clear coat. That preserves the decal as-is and protects it really good.


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    Be careful what you use for clear as some will yellow. (lacquer does I think. maybe someone can clarify that)

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    Appling a clear coat, or for that matter any paint, requires
    the proper preparation if you expect the paint to stick.
    Spraying a clear coat over an oily, dirty decal will most
    likely fail in some areas while sticking in others.
    Attempting to completely remove the oil and dirt
    that would cause the clear to fail would also have a
    negative effect on the decal your trying to preserve.
    When you apply anything to a decal that can’t be
    removed you have altered it and would not be considered
    persevered by many. On motors that I want to preserve
    I either get duplicates to run or replace the parts with
    the decals I want to preserve with parts that have long
    ago given up there’s.

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    As usual, Tubs has many good points.

    There are things out there that can clean old decals appropriately, I am not sure how the old decals were constructed, so I’m not sure what those things are, but if you get me that info I can check it out. I would recommend (if you have one) using a decal that is pretty much gone from a restoration/preservation standpoint as a test bed to find out what will damage the decals before you start trying to preserve them.

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    Compatability & bonding are the keys here. I have bought original decals that fail from age, wish you luck & let us know your results.

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