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  • Buccaneer

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    I have a PO-15 that I fixed up this winter that
    is awaiting Spring thaw. I have a lightweight
    Alumacraft AL 14′.
    Not sure if I trust that heavy PO on the back.
    The boat seemed a little touchy with the
    1950’s 15 hp Evinrude on it last summer….
    and that’s a lot lighter.
    May have to borrow a 16′ boat, or at least
    have a passenger in the bow!

    Prepare to be boarded!

    Randy in Tampa

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    it just needs weight in the front,no one runs they’re 14′ alumicrafts down here in Florida with the PO or other Big square tankers without a passenger in the front, they’re just too Squirrley 😉


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    I have A 14 ft crestliner that seems to do quite well with two people in it. I didn’t measure but the width in my opinion makes her safe for the PO.Happy to know all is well.

    Randy in Tampa

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    my 12’Larson is tiny compared to my 14′ Orlando clipper, The Orlando clippers a very stable boat with a PO on it the Larson is more like a go cart compared to a regular car 😉


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    In Minnesota, kids under some age, I think 12 or 16, have to wear PFDs – but a lot of people get pinged by the authorities on the location of the pfds they are not wearing. The PFDs have to be in plain sight and available to reach and grab. Putting them in storage compartments, or otherwise out of sight is a no-no.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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