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    A cool new feature of new forum is the ability to save you post or reply as a draft. You can then pull it up later and continue writing. I use this feature a lot on other forums.

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    That is a really cool feature if you run out of time to finish a topic or need to do some research to put some more facts in your topic. Good discovery JasonH!

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    I hadn’t noticed that. I keep multiple windows open so I can do background recerch. This of cource slows down all processes in the computer. Unlike newer models, my old Mac does not have a separate graphics processor or memory. You just saved me some much needed time.

    Thanks 😉

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    That feature (save draft) was also available on the old blue board.
    I also miss not to be able to call back a PM to correct an error
    before it was opened. (The only one I’ve sent so far I screwed up)
    On the old blue board you could see when they opened the PM
    you sent. I really miss this feature because you knew they got it
    as often people don’t respond to tell you that it has been received.
    Not complaining – just reminiscing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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