Scuba dive bell – $500 (Arlington heights) ?????

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  • outboardnut

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    Steve A W
    Steve A W

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    Not for Me!

    Member of the MOB chapter.
    I live in Northwest Indiana


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    This would be great for treasure hunting outboards in Lake Superior……
    let me know how it works!

    Prepare to be boarded!


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    Can you spell "Bad Idea"?


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    Sponsored by Patron Tequila!

    The multitude of buckets filled with concrete are very confidence inspiring!!

    And, only $500! Such a deal!


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    Made out of an old washing machine?

    It better be prime tequila and lots of it if they think I’d go down 75′ in that thing. It would probably crush at four feet.


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    That dive bell seems to have properties similar to an anchor. Anyone can make a DIVE bell, the real value comes in its ability to RESURFACE!!


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    Looks like a one way ticket to me.

    Brook N.


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    DEFINITELY a one way ticket. You would eventually use up all the oxygen in the bell unless there was a vent to bleed off some of the air to get rid of the CO2. Staying down too long would deplete your air supply causing you to stay down forever …

    . . . . . šŸ™


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    Some local fellows made one to salvage some whiskey from a sunken packet boat after the war. They hand pumped air to a hard hat type device. It worked pretty well until the diver bent over and lost his bubble. He had some trouble surfacing with the lead weights, but did. The whiskey was found to have been in damaged barrels, not intact jugs.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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