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    A friend of mine works in Disaster Restoration business, and found this little motor in the rubble of a burned down garage.
    Rather than toss it into the bin, he thought I might like to play with it and gave it to me.
    Tagged as Montgomery Ward #64EA-9002A.

    I haven’t worked on anything as small or old, so took the opportunity to learn.
    I seems complete…other than the burned spark plug wire.
    It’s not stuck, has compression, and is just plain CUTE!

    Have it partially disassembled and have cleaned up the external soot,and checked the coil as good with my Merc-O-Tronic 98. I’m presently trying to solder a new section of plug wire to the replace the burned one.

    Next check will be for signs of an impeller, as soon as I figure out how to get at it?

    I have no info on the little guy, as my 10th edition doesn’t go back that far it seems.
    I did Spot some parts diagrams of an ELTO PAL in a recent post from Gary in MI.,that look very similar to my little motor, so that’s a good start!

    Will try to post a couple of pics if they’re not to “big”…………..ophs, they are too big @ 12066kb, so will have to work on reducing somehow?

    Great to be back playing with some old outboard motors, after keeping busy for a couple of years restoring my old Corvette.


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    You're only as smart as the person you're talking to.

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    What you have is a ’46 Sea King Midget one horse built by Evinrude but sold by Monkey Wards. The chipmunk cheek side covers are usually missing so consider yourself fortunate if your motor still has them!




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    Thanks Mumbles, nice pics. One of your restorations?
    I only have the port side “cheek” and it’s more of a plain-jane affair with no aft wings or spark plug cover.

    Cheers, Bill.

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