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    Looking in my Old Outboard Book 3rd edition, on page 276 it shows serial number 1,771,181 To be a 1959 year… I thought they were white? Mine appears to be a ’58 by the colors??? Thoughts? I will go get a good picture of the welsh plug as the tag is gone. Brb…


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    Richard, you are correct! 1959’s model #FD-13 & FDL are white w/a totally different shape (design).. Look @ my first two pics. Take a few pics of yours paying attn. to the o’all w/cowl on, transom clamp, ant #’s Color etc.. George 856-447-3641 OK how do I add pics? Darn it!


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    I recently had same issue. My ’57 FD-11 has a serial number out of the range for 1957. Serial number falls into an FD-12 range. I still don’t exactly understand the rationale but apparently they made a bunch of late year motors for holiday and boat show sales. It seems to me that they would have just kept going with the serial numbers but for some reason they stopped them on paper and kept making more motors but this is illogical and surely isn’t the reason. Just my 2 cents.


    Below is my earlier post and some great responses.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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