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    So what is the deal with solid rudder rudder twins…… Were the earliest motors just built that way?
    I’m confused because I recently came across an early serial numbered model "a" and it has the hollow rudder with propello-pump. And a square gas tank
    So, Which motors would have the solid rudders, and are they all that rare?


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    what I thought ;
    only numbers on the ID plate ( f.e 2121 )
    ID plate has black color ( not blue )



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    In most cases the solid rudder was standard on R/T ‘s 1921-23.
    The "T Bar" on the solid rudder measures approx 3"
    I have an early R/T (1922) with a hollow rudder as well.
    My understanding is that hollow rudders were offered as an
    upgrade for the earlier R/T motors in later production years.
    You may find the conversion steering " T Bar " to be approx 5"
    In length to where it meets the rudder on the early square tank motor.
    In 1924, what I believe to be the start of the hollow rudder motors,
    the model C steering " T Bar " measures approx 7".
    The model D ( long shaft R/T ) measures approx 10"
    In my opinion the 5" T Bar is unique to the conversion kits offered for the early
    R/T ‘ s.
    Opinions may vary.

    All measurements were taken from motors in my collection


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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