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  • oldemtr

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    Didn’t know which forum to post this link, so here it is –

    I have a few motors in the repair / refurbish queue , and I needed some plug wire –
    I’ve used Packard 440 in the past, but it’s become kind of expensive, and so I found this from Summit Racing – A pretty good deal, I think :

    This is really nice stuff, with a very flexible solid rubber jacket (I hate the pvc coated wire), and tinned copper core.
    The 100′ roll is probably enough to last me the rest of my life :~)
    Anyway, if anyone needs bulk plug wire, you might consider it.

    A Hoskins

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    Nice wire indeed. At $.37 per foot, I would take it to an A.O.M.C. meet and hawk it for $.50. Hard to think you’re gonna need 100 ft. 40 years ago I bought 100 ft. of 440 and I still have some.

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