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    Has anyone chiseled the heads off of stuck head bolts to get the head off and then try to free the remainder of the bolt with locking pliers of some sort? I was thinking it would be a easy way to get penetrating oil to the threads.

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    HEAT!! If you can get a good grip on that bolt, heat the block then clamp on your pliers and cross you fingers! A small benzomatic torch will work. Not fun to drill out for sure.


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    Well, this is a tough situation for sure. The problem is that oftentimes the salt seizes the bolt on the plain shank that goes through the cylinder head. If all the other bolts can be removed, you can test this theory by tapping the head sideways to see if the bolt and head move together. But, if several bolts are seized, you may damage the head and block by trying to pry it off once the heads of the seized bolts have been ground off..
    The problem is that you have no way of really knowing if just the threads are seized, or there is salt seizing the shank of the bolt inside the head as well.
    So, I guess in a situation where more than one bolt is seized, I am inclined to lean towards using more powerful heat source in an effort to loosen up the salt instead of grinding off the bolt heads in an effort to remove the head and grasp the shank of the stuck bolts. On the other hand, you may be willing to “waste the head” in an effort to get at the bolt shanks with vise grips and heat. In other words, take an air chisel/hammer to the head area around the seized bolts to free the salt’s grip.
    It surely seems easier to replace the head then to try to drill out a bolt that is sheared off even with the block.
    I wish I could provide a more concrete answer, but this stuff is usually just a judgement call. As always, slow and steady wins out over applying too much force too early and shearing the bolt off.

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    Use penetrant oil also. I use a mixture of ATF and Acetone after heating apply it. Give the bolt head a good whack. Repeat and be patient.
    Outboardnut’s approach is another good one, will have to try the Freeze Off.
    Fleetwin’s comment about where the seizure is located is very correct and good to keep in mind. The corrosion is not way down the bolt from what i have experienced.
    Be Patient. I know’s hard.

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