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    Thanks Dan ! Great to see you posting again, I have definitely started to make trimming a regular practice, its just getting other operators to do the same when Im not at the helm.
    So to briefly update anyone else besides Don that might be following this thread still; Don helped me through the majority of the sync process a few days ago. I took the boat out on monday, the results were interesting.

    Starting is certainly a bit easier with the new starter, turns over much faster. The changes that the sync process made were substantial.

    Once started and running it needs to have the warm up lever up a bit in order to stay idling, the adjustments have lowered the idle speed a bit too low. Its even noticable during warm up with the lever all the way up, the rpms dont go much over 2k (which I always try to keep it under during warmup anyway).
    It is now even more difficult to get the boat out of neutral without stalling. The control must be moved out of neutral even faster and also further into gear, otherwise it just stalls right out.
    The "key trick" is needed much sooner than it previously was. It used to bog out/stall between 1st and second gear, now it needs to be primed with the key in the lower rpm range of 1st, then it accelerates through the rest of the range fine.
    Mondays outing also marked the second time we needed to be towed back in this season. We did have a significant load aboard. there were 5 adults and a dog. After a few wakeboard runs we bobbed around for a while, when the wind picked up I went to start, and she would not have it ! I believe there was some issue with fuel supply. We had plenty of gas on board (well over 1/2 a tank), the primer bulb ( a brand new BRP one) would not get firm. My wife dropped the anchor to keep us from getting blown into a cliff wall area of shore. I tried starting her for at least 20 minutes unsuccessfully. At this point we were looking at some decent sized whitecaps and an approaching thunderstorm. I called the marina for help, shortly after, a patrol boat showed up and pulled us back to the dock.
    Once we were tied up I gave it another shot…what do you know ! It fired right up ! The patrol boat captain looked at me like really ? ! My crew was a bit nervous after getting towed back in whitecaps. We stayed tied up to the dock, I had everyone aboard start the boat "to break the curse". Literally started 7 times in a row, first crank. I convinced everyone that we would be fine as long as we didnt shut the engine off. So we went for another cruise, but again thunder and lightning came rolling across the lake, signaling the end of the day for us.
    Im really wondering what got into this thing to have this effect ? Is there something Im missing ? I know we dont have her all sorted out yet but this was a bit discouraging. Next time out I am planning on bringing a small portable fuel tank. My old boat ran like shit when using the onboard fuel tank. Once I removed it and used a couple of portables she ran perfect. I am hoping to take her back out on sunday again. Hope this one isnt too long for everyone to read, thanks again for any insight gents.

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    Strange that you felt no resistance with continual pumping. You DO know that the valves in the primer bulb have no springs. If held with the flow direction down the valves stay open and the bulb does not pump. For maximum pressure the flow direction should be UP. If the bulb stays flat, there is an obstruction in the tank. High resistance indicates the float valve is closed.(or obstructed) Gas running out of the carburetor indicates the float valve has NOT closed. . . 😆


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    Hey Garry ! The bulb did not go flat it, just would not achieve any "firmness" regardless of stroke used on the bulb (god that was hard to type LOL !) or how much we attempted to do so. I am aware that the bulb doesnt contain springs. I presume by "if held with the flow direction down" you are referring to the position of the primer bulb and essentially the direction of the flow indicator arrow while pumping. I didnt think that was really important. Shoudnt it pump it any position ? I didnt remove the cowl to see if any gas was coming out of the carbs.

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