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    Putting new points in my 1961 hp Evinrude.
    Those spring clips that go on top of the breaker point post want to go everywhere else!
    Does some old-timer have a tried and true method of keeping them under control?


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    You betcha. Forceps?, hemostats? Whatever the docs call them.


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    I use garage forceps also, but I have a magnet right next to the
    post, so it the clip goes flying, it might not go too far. Saved me
    a couple of times.

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    Also keep the old ones for stock.

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    Rotary valve Johnson’s Rule!


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    I use a dental pick

    Get one that you can put between the post and the clip. Place a finger on the clip and pull the clip off with the pick. little blob of grease on the tip of your finger might help if you are worried about dropping it. Will post a pick later when I finger it out.


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    for those flying.. post clips …………I now keep a strong magnet close to the post and it usually flies over to the magnet

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    I have a small mechanic’s magnet and just use it to push the clip into place.


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    I use the needle nosed pliers on my Leatherman. They have become slightly magnetized over the past 20+ years of use and I grab the clip with the very end of the pliers and push them on. To remove them I use the same pick that I use to remove old packing washers from carbs. I have even replaced one of the post clips through the inspection hole on a 7.5 Evinrude successfully. I do still lose one occasionally. I always keep the extras for stock.

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